Charge your first-party
audience using EVs

The “cookieless future” has been rescheduled. Google’s deadline of July 2024 for blocking all 3rd party cookies — which advertisers have relied on for targeting since the 90’s — has been postponed (again) to sometime in 2025.

But just because there are some cookies left in the jar, doesn’t mean they’re good for you. Surviving on a cookie-only diet not only puts your advertising in danger for the near-future — it’s limiting your ROI today. Apple and all other major browsers have already moved on, and first-party targeting data has always been more effective. Shoppers and customers you know, that you can tailor messages to based on where they are in the ownership cycle, is where you get the most bang for your buck.

But how do you build your first-party audience? Of course, you can partner with us to continually target all the active shoppers in your market who visit to start their car buying journey. That’s step one. But supplementing that with your own first-party data will make your marketing and advertising even more powerful. 

To scale your own first-party data, you will want to capture customer information more often than at the very end of the funnel (from your sales leads). Those shoppers are already ready to buy from you, so you’ll need to create other reasons to provide contact info throughout the lifecycle. Whether it’s about unlocking experience, content, or incentive-based value — it’s about providing value worth converting for. 

Electric vehicles present an opportunity. The rising demand for EVs, fueled by changing environmental regulations, tax credits, and so many new (increasingly affordable) models — provides plenty of reasons for a new segment of shoppers to connect with you for updates and expertise. Let’s convert that demand in your market into your advertising power.

Collecting first-party data from EV shoppers

Generating first-party data from EV shoppers can be achieved through two main strategies: inviting website visitors to subscribe for valuable content, and creating genuinely helpful shopping experiences on your website that naturally facilitate the collection of customer information.

Content based collection

Focus on strategically placing opt-in areas within your website content, making it straightforward for visitors to sign up for more information on EV-related news, models, and updates. It’s not just about collecting data; it’s about creating a value exchange. Visitors are more likely to share their information when they trust your dealership and see clear benefits in doing so, such as receiving exclusive updates or insights into the world of electric vehicles.

  • Newsletter signups:  Incorporate an in-line EV newsletter signup form within every piece of EV content you publish, encouraging readers to subscribe for future updates.
  • Homepage signups: Consider using the same signup form below the fold on your homepage as an unobtrusive option without overshadowing inventory or service offerings.
  • Social posts: Your EV content is also the foundation of your organic social strategy, which can be used to encourage followers to join your mailing list to get early access to new model information, exclusive insights, or special promotions.

On your EV newsletter signup form, keep it simple and only request essential information like first name, last name, and email.

Also be sure to educate your team on handling these inbound contacts with a nuanced approach. Whether you’re opting for a personalized or automated response, be sure that your initial response is one that offers help, rather than an immediate sales pitch. This will help maintain interest and minimize unsubscribes.

Experience based collection

As EV shoppers move down the funnel from consideration toward decision, it’s critical to offer shopping experiences on your website that not only answer their key buying questions, but also facilitate the exchange of their contact information.

  • Ask us anything: As potential buyers narrow down their choices, immediate questions arise. With Dealer Inspire websites, you can seamlessly integrate CTAs in your EV content and shopping experience that open chats or texts with your team, providing a direct line for these in-the-moment questions while capturing contact info to start the conversation. 
  • Answer the affordability question: Monthly payments remain a top concern, particularly for EVs, which may carry the perception of being more costly than traditional vehicles. Dealer Inspire websites can enable shoppers to calculate accurate monthly payments for vehicles in your inventory based on personalized finance rates, down payments, and trade-in values. It also allows for side-by-side comparisons between new and used EVs or gas-powered models, empowering customers with the information needed to proceed confidently. And of course, that personalized experience requires rich and validated customer data.
  • Provide an instant offer for their trade-in: For many considering an EV, the first step is determining their current vehicle’s worth. While dedicated trade/sell pages serve this need, linking directly from EV content pages to an instant offer experience can effortlessly transition customers from research to starting a deal with just a click.

Each of these shopping experiences streamlines the customer’s journey while effectively capturing their contact information, building up your first-party audience with engaged prospects ready to take the next step.

Spark EV content ideas

To effectively connect with potential EV buyers, focus on creating compelling (and SEO-optimized) website content that attracts shoppers through search engines, addresses their questions and concerns, and motivates them to stay connected with your team for more info and updates. So, what type of content bridges the gap between the EV curious shopper and your dealership? Let’s take a closer look.

Highlight the benefits of EVs

Whether it’s a landing page or blog post, highlight EV benefits such as lower maintenance costs, environmental impact, and upgraded performance and tech features. This targeted content not only drives traffic to your dealership’s website, but also nurtures relationships with potential customers — ultimately leading to increased brand awareness and customer loyalty.

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Teach your customers how to own EVs

Owning an EV is different from owning any other vehicle. You can help your customers understand what it takes to make a successful and stress-free transition by publishing content that covers everything from available tax credits, the installation of home chargers, and adapting to electric vehicle maintenance. By demystifying the EV ownership experience, you’ll help customers navigate the journey with confidence. 

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Provide the solution for range anxiety

Range anxiety is a significant barrier for many EV curious shoppers. Create content that explains how driving habits, weather, and technology affect vehicle range. Highlight the advancements in battery life, and the expanding network of charging stations to reassure and educate your audience — putting concerns about range anxiety to rest. 

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Be the source for your OEM’s EV news

Becoming the go-to resource for EV related updates is essential. Regularly updating your website with the latest EV news demonstrates your commitment to keeping customers informed in the rapidly evolving EV market. By providing up-to-date information on the latest EV models, technological advancements, industry trends, and regulatory updates, your dealership will establish itself as a trusted authority in the EV space. 

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A comprehensive EV content plan covers all the stages of the shopping journey, from awareness and consideration, to deciding what to buy, and why customers should buy from you. By engaging potential buyers with insightful and targeted content, your dealership not only clears the path to purchase, but also sets the stage for long-term loyalty.

Supercharge your strategy

Collecting first-party data from EV shoppers through meaningful, interactive experiences is more than just a strategy — it’s the cornerstone of building lasting relationships and your advertising audience in this evolving market. Connect with Cars Commerce today to discover how we can amplify your efforts.