Conversations AI 
Virtual Assistant

GenAI has entered the chat

The virtual assistant in Conversations, Dealer Inspire’s chat/text technology solution, is now powered by generative AI. This no-cost feature upgrade elevates small talk (basic lead capture) to more immediately helpful interactions that guide visitors to transact with your team.

In our pilot program, our upgraded AI significantly increased website engagement (+132% more messages) while decreasing the workload for dealership staff (-67.8% less escalations) — proving it can helpfully answer and resolve more customer questions on its own.

Our GenAI virtual assistant is rolling out to all customers with Conversations by the end of June. If you don’t have Conversations yet, it’s an exciting time to get a demo of its new capabilities.

What our virtual assistant can do for you

Like a receptionist to your digital showroom, the virtual assistant in Conversations can greet website visitors, keep them engaged, and point them in right direction to:

Improve the consumer experience with instant answers to common questions about your inventory and dealership. Check out this real-life example from a Chevy dealer’s website, where our AI is able to instantly confirm open hours, directions, available inventory, and then capture the lead, all on its own.

Guide shoppers further down the road to the sale by sharing relevant VINs in-stock and launching them into a real-time retailing experience, where they can explore personalized payment options, collaborate on a deal with your team in real-time, get approved, and schedule pick-up. Check out this real-life example from a local Lexus dealer.

Reduce your team’s workload by automatically handling more questions and lead capture, and then escalating high-intent opportunities to your team when a salesperson is needed to discuss pricing, collaborate on a deal, and provide expert advice. Check out this real-life example from a Chevy dealer’s website, where our AI understood which vehicle the shopper was looking at, answered questions about it, and then looped-in a human teammate to discuss pricing. 

Don’t have Conversations and want to put this powerful AI to work at your dealership? Connect with our team to set-up a live demo and chat with our virtual assistant yourself!

Our virtual assistant’s performance review

We are rolling out this upgrade after months of successful performance for a group of dealerships in our pilot program. Across the board, our pilot partners have reported more engaged customers and fewer escalations — allowing their teams to focus their time and energy on providing exceptional customer service for their most valuable opportunities.

Dealer Inspire Virtual Assistant AI Pilot Results, March – May 2024

One pilot partner in particular, Leson Chevrolet, saw a similar decrease in escalations along with a dramatic 1,294% increase in customer messages sent — transforming their website’s ability to keep visitors engaged with their dealership by instantly responding to their questions with helpful answers.

Frequently asked questions

Generative AI is still a new concept, so here are some more specific details about how exactly  our virtual assistant will work for your dealership. 

What will the virtual assistant know about my dealership?

Just like Managed Chat, the virtual assistant will have basic dealership information that is set in your Conversations admin settings, such as: dealership name, address, phone number, website URL, and team hours.

It also knows the vehicle details of all inventory listed on your website, and which vehicles visitors are currently looking at when the chat is initiated. 

What version of AI is powering the virtual assistant?

We are currently using OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Is any of the data from my dealership and customer conversations shared with a third party?

No, our agreement with our generative AI partner, OpenAI, does not allow them to utilize our data to train their models.

How will the virtual assistant know to not sell a car or agree to any unfavorable terms? 

Our team carefully trained and tested the virtual assistant over several months before introducing it to live dealer websites. The AI is strictly instructed not to discuss any pricing or payment details, and instead escalates those types of questions to the dealership team and collects contact info for follow-ups.

Upgrade your Conversations

This no-cost feature upgrade is rolling out to all customers with Conversations by the end of June. If you don’t have Conversations yet, connect with our team to set-up a live demo to see how this AI-powered virtual assistant can go to work for your dealership 24/7. Chat soon 👋