How to use QR codes to scale your vehicle acquisition opportunities

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The easier you make it for consumers to get an instant offer on their trade, the more opportunities you will generate — and QR codes make it really easy to get started. The difference between asking people to type in a specific URL or just scan-and-tap can make all the difference.

That’s why AccuTrade empowers your team to quickly create your own connected QR codes, which automatically link to your online appraisal experience and track the scans, prospects, and acquisitions generated.

various advertising channels showing Accutrade QR code.

In just a few steps, you will be able to create a unique QR code (and link) that can be deployed across your showroom, service drive, print advertising, digital marketing, and even your streaming and traditional TV spots. Let’s do it.

1 Log in to the AccuTrade dashboard.

computer screen with Accutrade login screen.

2 Click on My Account in the left corner, then Campaigns.

computer screen with Accutrade management screen showing ‘My account tab’ where campaign settings are located.

3 Click Create New QR Code in the top right corner of the next page.

Accutrade management screen showing campaigns screen, create new QR code button highlighted.

4 Name your campaign in the pop-up box.

Accutrade management screen showing campaigns screen, create new QR code modal dialog highlighted.

5 Choose either Service Drive or Driveway Appraisal as your attribution. However, if your campaign doesn’t fit into either, choose “Custom”.

Accutrade management create new QR code modal dialog attribution drop down.

6 (If necessary) Add your own Custom Attribution Name, and click Create.

Accutrade management create new QR code modal dialog attribution drop down, with custom attribution selected and new field for custom attribution name.

7 Your campaign will appear at the top of the list of your campaigns. Click to open.

Accutrade management screen showing campaigns screen, a campaign row is highlighted.

8 Now you can download the QR code image for use in your marketing and point of sales materials. You can also copy its campaign link to use and track in any digital ads that don’t feature your QR code.

Accutrade management screen showing campaign screen with QR code and other campaign details. QR code graphic and download QR code highlighted.

9 Visit the Appraisals Report located in your dashboard to see how your QR code campaigns are performing alongside your other acquisition channels.

Accutrade management screen showing appraisal performance screen with a bar graph showing performance of campaign by week.

To help you make the most out of this technology, here are a few ideas for showcasing your
QR codes.

Entice customers in your service waiting area by displaying your trade-in message and QR code on table toppers, posters, and digital signage. They are a captive audience already at your store, and if you can make them curious what you’re willing to offer them — you can set up your team for trade-in conversations enabled by transparency they’ll trust.

Dealership waiting area with TV displaying ‘Time to upgrade?’ followed by Accutrade QR code

Sometimes shoppers feel more comfortable wandering your lot before coming inside the showroom, or prefer to take a look at your inventory after hours and on weekends. Use a QR code on your vehicles to engage these casual looky-loos with an instant offer experience right on their phone.

Vehicle window with moroney sticker and a sticker 'next step find ou how much your vehicle is worth' and a Accutrade QR code

By embedding QR codes in your video ads, you can offer viewers a quick way to discover how much their vehicle is worth when your commercial is fresh in their mind. This not only allows you to quantify your ROI on your video advertising, but it also positions your dealership as tech-savvy and customer-centric.

Dealership TV ad, 'get a real offer on your car' followed by a Accutrade QR code.

To facilitate trade-in discussions between service guests and your team, include a QR code in your service reminder mailings. Accompany it with a message like, “As you prepare for your upcoming service appointment, take a minute to update your vehicle’s appraisal and receive a no-obligation cash offer from Stum Subaru to sell it.”

Service reminder post card, asking customer to update appraisal and get cash offer, followed by Accutrade QR code.

QR codes can transform outdoor ads and community events into interactive acquisition opportunities. Place them on billboards and event banners to encourage the public to instantly check their vehicle’s value, enhancing engagement in everyday settings and at local gatherings.

Bus stop on the street showing back lit vehicle ad with headline 'Time to Upgrade?' containing QR code.

While it’s not uncommon to see QR codes being shared on social media, it’s not an effective use case given that most users access these platforms on mobile devices — making scanning a challenge. For both mobile and desktop social media, tapping or clicking a link is simpler. To attribute these ads to the same campaign as your QR code, use the link that’s generated with it in AccuTrade.

Mobile phone showing facebook ad containing QR code, with graphic overlay x.

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